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Books about the Star and the Magi

Author: Dwight Hutchison

Publisher: Editions Signes Célestes, France


The story of the Star of Bethlehem is described in detail in four books.


MUL.BABBAR, the White Star Over Bethlehem is a recent novel based on the author's star theories. 


The Star of Bethlehem: Signs in the East and a Surprise in the West is a short book (60 pages) detailing aspects of the author's star theory.




Being revised :


The Lion Led the Way is currently undergoing a complete revision. It is a detailed examination of many aspects of the story. This book presents much of the research of Dwight Hutchison during the last six years. Containing almost 400 pages of material, it is scholarly in nature. Many readers will find it to be too detailed for their liking.


The shorter and less detailed book, A Sign Over Bethlehem, is much more accessible to the general public. It is less than 100 pages long and it summarizes Mr. Hutchison's views concerning the star and the Magi. 


A General Description of the Books:


The biblical account of the wise men and the star that announced the coming of the Messiah of Israel has inspired and puzzled people for two millennia. Important aspects of Babylonian astronomy seem to be involved in understanding the star’s appearing. But in addition, The Lion Led the Way also explores the men and events from a profoundly Jewish perspective. The traditional Jewish names of stars and planets, Jewish symbols, as well as Jewish dates, all seem to be keys to unlocking the mystery of the famous star.


The star of Bethlehem was not the brightest of the heavenly lights, nor was it the most spectacular starry manifestation of all time. However, it was part of the most meaningful set of celestial events in human history. The God of Israel is surprising. His ways are not our ways; his thoughts are not our thoughts. The star gives us a concrete example of God’s intervention in the universe.


The Magi were seeking God’s kingdom centered on the Messiah, the Righteous One. Jesus, who was born in Bethlehem, is still making himself known. His ways are as mysterious as ever, and his humility is unsurpassed.



Preview: Digital edition in color. Print version in grayscale. 

Another updated version is in preparation

Preview: Digital edition in color. Print version in color or grayscale.


Another updated version is in preparation